KEEOME: End-To-End Marketing


KEEOME is a pioneering skincare brand new to the western beauty market taking the leading Korean cosmetics & eastern philosophies and bringing them across the continent.

At the heart of the Korean approach to beauty is the science behind how to take care of your skin, to help rejuvenate it & repair. This in contrast to the traditional Western approach of hiding behind makeup. Decades of research and development have gone into every mask, serum and cream and this is the reason that Korea is at the cutting edge of the cosmetics industry.

But how do you convince a society so used to makeup, airbrushing, photoshop and filters, that there is a better way?

For Keeome we are a fully integrated marketing solution working with their team, their scientists and researchers to oversee all copywriting, messaging, community management, content creation & paid digital media.

KEEOMEā€™s Hydration Therapy Sheet Mask is the number 1 rated skincare product on Birchbox.