Jeroen Sibia - NED


As a child growing up in Amsterdam, I had big dreams and ambitions. I still do today.

I started reading the Financial Times aged 10. Company reports aged 11. The Economist aged 12. It was, therefore, perhaps unsurprising that my first job out of university was at McKinsey & Co. in London.

After two years of obsessing over my airline status and hotel point balance as a management consultant, I moved into banking. I spent 4 happy years in sales & trading at Barclays Capital before I did something very millennial (I am, just!) and threw myself head-first into start-up life.

I currently serve as a Non-Executive Director at Cavalier. It has been an exciting adventure and I am immensely proud of what Adam has built. Coming into the office to see the trendy team serving clients and building world leading brands is a real privilege. 

You’ll see me rocking the v-neck and trainers look whilst drinking overpriced coffee with a sun tan (I enjoy travelling, a lot).

Likes: Hockey, Barry’s Bootcamp, Jagerbombs

Dislikes: Signet Rings, Engagement Rings – any rings really. Also Brexit and Bleep Tests