Andy Trace - Videographer

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I grew up in Swindon where I undoubtedly would have stayed forever had I not discovered skateboarding and an old camcorder.

Since then I’ve been commissioned to film all over the world, shooting for Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the internet) in LA, snorkelling with salt water crocs in Mexico, tigers in Rajistan and with all the Stephens from Hawking to Fry!

My passion sits in the honesty of real life and capturing fleeting moments in the most beautiful way possible. I’m in love with filming wild animals, intrigued by the life perspectives of others and hopeful that one day I can pay back skateboarding for the unimaginable positive change it has brought to my working life.

In the last 4 years I have created films for UniLad (of which I’m a talent partner), Universal Music, Mayor of London, PepsiCo, Virgin, EY, Bertelsmann, UBS, Sony & freuds, and lesser known great causes of Wildlife Aid Foundation, Great Projects, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Action 2015, and Catherine Capon.

I strive to never specialise within a specific subject matter or style, instead focusing on real stories told in a poetic way.

If you have a project involving wildlife or a four wheeled wooden toy, I’m already in!